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Sylvania is an original medieval fantasy roleplay. In the world of Drylla, the races have vied for survival and against the throes of war, political controversy, and the presence of monsters for thousands of years. What the populace is unaware of is the presence of a single group of chosen individuals, who call themselves the Rhakoth: the Voice of the Gods. As war plagues the Elven Realm and revolutionary change sparks in the Sironian Empire, the Rhakoth continue their duty to protect the world from the dangers that lay beyond.

We have no word count and are rated 18+ only.

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08.13.17: Sylvania is officially OPEN! After much hard work to get our lore going, we've finally opened to the public. Thank you to all of our members who've been around on the private roleplay while it was open for sticking around. <3 And lastly, welcome to all new members who've stumbled upon us!
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Kindred 02 03 00 05
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Totals 08 11 00 19
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